ST200 – Rust repair!

In doing the last post I realised I had never put up snaps of the rust work done on the old 200, which was a major bit of work done late last year. As you’ll see below the work was extensive, but I’m really happy with how she came out.

2022 – Cars and coffee, Pub shows

Couple of decent little meets recently, especially enjoyable considering the last two years! Some snaps of the ST200 from these meet ups, now that she is basically done barring a bloody good machine polish!!

Also made the cover of the Enthusiast page for the first time with any of my Motors so saved for posterity 😂


ST220 – Zunsport Grill fitment

Another tiny update on the 220, in that I finally decided to go with some stainless still Zunsport Grills for the front end. Both the ST24 and ST200 had them as standard, and it always made the 220 feel a bit cheap with its plastic ones. They only fit over the existing grilles so not a full refit but I think they really lift the front end!

ST200 – Finished interior and polished headlights

With all of the leather repair work completed, ST200 mats sorted, a replica plaque fitted and a general tidy up done,  the interior is now one part of the 200 Limited that’s finished! So happy with how it’s come out, looks factory fresh.

Today’s task was to attack the faded and discoloured headlights, which sadly the whole fleet seem to suffer with! I picked up a drill based 3M headlight restoration kit and I was really happy with the results. 500 grit, 800 grit, 3000 grit with lubrication and a polishing pad and compound. Again, aside from some stone chips they look brand new!


ST200 – A lesson in leather repair!

One of the biggest issues with the 200 Limited was the state of some of the interior leather, and as happy coincidence would have it a guy literally 10 minutes down the road turns out to be a very accomplished detailed and leather worker!

A few pics of his incredible work below, it’s honestly transformed her! Drivers seat, steering wheel and the gear knob all fully repaired and coloured in the factory blue and black leather.

Next up, rear arch rust and sill repairs 👍

New plates for the 220 and new plans

So another small update on the 220, with the old and weather beaten plates replaced for shiny new ones. Still a few more bits needed, but that one at least is definitely nearing the end of the work needed!

Next up, refurb on the interior of the 200. Full leather reupholster and repair to follow. Watch this space!


New mats for the 220

Doing the usual weekend semi-drunk browsing on Ebay this weekend, it occurred to me that while the ST24 and ST200 both have the correct branded floor mats, the 220 was notably still running generic black mats that had seen better days.

So these are now finally retired in favour of some Ford Approved MK3 Mondeo mats, much smarter with the correct Mondeo font badging. Better quality too!


New and Improved!

First work of 2021 – ST220 springs and shocks

So while still living in a very weird  at the moment, I have at least managed to get a pretty major bit of work done on the ST220. The way that the front and rear sat was always a bit weird to me, with the rear being about an inch higher than the front. Well, I finally had a reason to sort this!

A front spring snapped on a short journey a few weeks back, so I took the opportunity to fit a new set of Eibach lowering springs and fresh Sachs shocks. It’s levelled the car up a treat and really feels sharp now. Twinned with the ASBO brakes, it’s a much more focussed proposition. How it should have been from factory I would say!


An ‘almost’ end of year respective!

Well, 2020 ended up being a fairly rubbish year for all things car meet related. Almost none were possible what with our good friend the virus knocking about, so all that’s been going on is some general maintenance.

Both the ST24 and the ST200 needed some suspension and brake work (front discs and pads, lower suspension arms, pinch bolts etc) which I got the local garage to deal with, but the whole fleet has now passed the MOT saga for another year!

I’m moving to a new place with a good sized garage in the next month or two, so i’m hoping to put up some more regular updates on the work being done. Main thing to tackle once i’m able to work indoors is the rust on rear arches, but there are lots of other jobs and improvements I have in mind. Hopefully that will mean a bunch of videos and pics of work.

Few pics below, of the only meet that was possible in the latter part of 2020, when the 200 was joined by one of its Limited Edition brothers!  Plus a few recent shots of the motors to sign off the year. Not sure there will be much more now so here’s to a better 2021!










Repairing the damage, Deer bites the dust.

Well, it couldn’t all be sunshine and rainbows I guess! Sadly after just shy of a decade on the road I have had my first accident. A Muntjac deer decided that it no longer wanted to be a part of this world and threw itself under the ST24 on the A12. Sadly, as well as taking out Mr Deer, this has caused a fair amount of damage:
Front bumper smashed apart, front grille bent.
Front fog lights smashed and surrounds gone.
Radiator and Air Con condenser smashed.
Undertray and various trim ripped off.
New radiator and air con condenser were fitted and regassed, and the front bumper repaired with fibreglass and repainted. Plenty of progress pics below, and really happy with how it turned out.